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Welcome to the CS Novus

Post by Trivvy on Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:39 am

An arbitrary number of years into the future, mankind has spread out across the stars, exploring and colonizing everything he can land a shuttle on. After the inventions of faster than light travel, advanced genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence, as well as the discoveries of new alien species and cultures, civilization has taken some drastic shifts.

In a universe where individual people (or aliens) have the capability of gaining huge amounts of control or causing destruction on a planetary scale, simply due to the availability of dangerous technology, humankind has banded together, creating a centrally-controlled "Alliance" of military powers. Originally meant to keep interplanetary civilization safe from harm, some groups question the authority of The Alliance in affairs they believe it shouldn't be involved in, even going so far as to attempt investigating possible corruption. Others cite these groups as harmful, believing that the power of The Alliance is necessary for the protection of humans from both outside forces and themselves.

Other organizations exist, some as government entities run by aliens, and others as corporations either in or out of the control of The Alliance. Such groups include the "Hive", a conglomeration of aliens similar to Earthen insect species, all with their respective monarchies, the "Orion-Perseus Trading Company", or the OPTC, an Alliance-controlled and managed trade organization, and various uncontrolled groups ranging from benign criticizers of Alliance rule to straight up space pirates.

Characters will start as the crew of the Cargo Ship Novus, transporting FTL fuel tanks between Alliance colonies. Whether it's actually fuel the ship is transporting, or whether your character is really a spy, or anything else you can think of is all up to you. Feel free to help define the setting and make it your own. I've just laid out some generic ideas, hoping anyone interested in this is willing to help create a story.

Crew Assignment:
Anything Extra:

Again, feel free to add anything you'd like to the setting along with your character. If you want your character to be an Elf, by all means: one of the alien species could be a race of Elf-like beings. Go wild.

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