The Rules of CCR

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The Rules of CCR

Post by Echo on Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:34 pm

Site Rules:

01. No godmoding (GMing). In brief, godmoding is when your character enters "god mode" and becomes essentially unstoppable. They dodge every attack, they're quicker and stronger than should be possible, etc. A more in-depth guide on GMing and how to avoid it is on its way.

02. No powerplaying (PPing). Powerplaying is when you take control of another person's character, or otherwise decide what happens to a character who isn't yours. An in-depth guide about PP and how to avoid it can be found here.

03. Use some form of OOC (out of character). This means differentiating your out of character text somehow, such as putting it between double-parentheses.

04. Posts should not be entirely OOC (take it to PMs or make a topic in the appropriate section).

05. Listen to the OP (original poster). If they've made certain specifications and/or set their own special rules for the topic, follow them. If you cause too many problems for them, they have a right to kick you out of the thread. If you think an OP is being unfair, message a staff member and we'll investigate the matter.

06. Strive for spelling and grammar. This also means no text talk in IC (in character) posts, unless the characters are typing/texting.

07. Keep topics PG-13. Swearing is allowed. Any chats/RPs above a PG-13 rating need to be in the Mature section. If you have a thread outside the Mature section and want to raise the rating, contact a staff member to have it moved. We will also move any threads we deem above PG-13 to the Mature section as we see them.

08. Don't spam. As an extension of this, don't go into other peoples' chats/RPs just to advertise yours.

09. Treat all members with respect. Try to be accepting of everyone.

10. Don't pressure your fellow users into certain chats/RPs or specific scenes. If you're starting up an event with the characters that may be uncomfortable to people, make sure everyone involved is okay with it before proceeding. For instance, scenes with nonconsensual actions between characters are allowed, but you MUST make sure the other users involved are comfortable with it happening. If they aren't, be respectful and don't try to press the matter.

11. Don't purposefully exclude people from chats/RPs. Closing your topic to new entries after a certain time period is fine, but you must make it clear in either the title or the opening post that the topic is closed. If you want to make a chat/RP for just you and your friends, put it in the Private Character Chats section.

12. Avoid instigating drama with or between other users. Don't put personal drama out in public, either. Even unintentional mistakes can cause people problems, so be willing to apologize and make your best attempt to keep things civil and peaceful.

13. Don't make sockpuppet accounts. Sockpuppet accounts are side accounts where you pretend to be someone else. Users are limited to only one account.

14. If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, even if you think you're still following the rules, be respectful and stop. If you feel that a mod or admin is being unfair, message a different staff member and we'll take care of it.

Discipline Protocols:

Any users who commit the following actions will receive a warning. After the fourth offense, the staff will issue a temporary ban; the length will be judged on a case-by-case basis. After a user has been banned multiple times but continues to commit offenses, the staff will judge on whether or not a perma-ban is necessary. Offenses include:

-Being mean to or otherwise bullying other members

-Disobeying staff (as stated in the rules, message another staff member if you think a mod or admin is being unfair)

-Continuing to cause problems for a person's thread after they've already kicked you (once again as stated, message a staff member if you think an OP is being unfair)

-Creating sockpuppet accounts. If a user is found making them, the user will be warned and all the puppets will be perma-banned

Any death threats or other hate speech will result in a ban on the spot. We take this very seriously. We want CCR to be a safe, welcoming environment for everyone, and we'll do everything we can to ensure that.

That said, be respectful of your fellow users, and it'll be a great experience for everyone. Have fun on the site!
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