At Nine In The Afternoon

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At Nine In The Afternoon

Post by Momo13 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:56 pm

The Strangest things seem to happen once the sun goes down.

Monsters and humans used to live in harmony. Or, a decent harmony. The monsters kept themselves unknown, only killing humans when they felt threatened or needed to feed (if they fed off humans).

But one of them was sick of it. He wanted power. He was tired of living in the shadows of the humans and wanted the monsters to take control of the word. Even though they were outnumbered, he started rallying his brethren. He inspired many and actually go along with him and fight out against the humans.

The word is out, monsters and humans are at war.

Monsters can be any that you want, but I have to approve them. Classics (like classic vampires and wizards and what not) are highly welcomed.

Humans can be civilians, part of the army, freelancers, or just those caught in the middle.

Halflings would be considered monsters.


Part in the war
if monster, list abilities.

Name - Azreal
Age - looks in his late teens but is really close to hundred or so years old.
Gender - of the male variety
Species - demon (confused with the angel of death)
Part in the war= Started the war
abilities: Can hide in the shadows and change his appearance. can call ghosts and dead bodies to his help. Is stronger on cemeteries

Name - Faye
Age - 19
Gender - Female
Species - human
Appearance -
Part in the war - Freelancer with her twin brother, Fred.

Name - Fred
age - 19
gender - male
species - human
apperance -
Part in war - freelancer with his twin sister, Faye

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Re: At Nine In The Afternoon

Post by Avery on Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:16 pm

Name: Anja
Age: Looks around 18-19, but she’s probably closer to 60.
Gender: Female
Species: Halfling (Half human/ Half Apep- A giant snake-dragon from Egyptian mythology)
Part in the war: Basically a freelancer.
if monster, list abilities: She can shift into an embodiment of Apep, and anywhere in between.

Name: Ryu
Age: Old.
Gender: Male
Species: Monster. He was human at one point, but now he’s kind of a demon.
Part in the war: Leads a little militia, calling himself the leader.
if monster, list abilities: He is extremely persuasive and can actually manipulate judgment, along with turning partly demonic, strength and speed increasing, though this is only though the bandanna that has possessed him.

Name: Katya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Part in the war: She’s more of a spy or something, I guess. She hates fighting.
if monster, list abilities: n/a

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