A Mission for A Misfit Angel

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A Mission for A Misfit Angel

Post by turnedfoxcat on Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:08 pm

Story Plot: After Dawn has finished matching up her last couple, finally having reached coupling six hundred and sixty-six pairs of humans s/he feels as though she's matched enough to go to heaven. But realises that the hope is all in vain as Autumn Summmers stumbles across his/her path... and so begins a comedic tale of love, learning, and most of all... acceptance in ones-self.

Main Character
Name: No name, changes on a daily basis
Age: Ageless, since he/she is an Fallen Angel
Gender: Neither (aka) Genderless, though dresses as a female., and takes a feminine role (it likes to feel pretty), though on occasion decides to play the guy if chosen...
Hobbies: Plays match-maker, thinks it is his/her mission from God (as in, if he/she plays cupid s/he'll go back to heaven where s/he belongs. Feels alone on earth.
Relationship to other characters: Follows Autumn, Autumn cannot see this Fallen Angel.
Appearence: Most often wears a large black gothic gown with a lacey corset, with tall black simple heels. Hairstyle; very long black braid. Makeup on the heavy goth side. (Does change on occasion) will add a picture later.
Bio: while God casted the demons out of heaven, along with Satan, our Main Character was sitting near the fallen path in which they took. As his/her best friend whome s/he loved dearly was cast down He (yes, he... he does not play with gender and dominates his orientation as a he) grabbed his/her hand and so s/he fell along with him. But they fell on opposite sides of the earth, due to the crazy air-wave in which each seperatly rode upon, and has not seen him since they crashed. S/he despises him in a lot of ways for the fall, but despite all she does can not stop the love s/he feels for him. This in which sparks his/her obsession for match-making. Making up for the love s/he's lost. For today, the name for which s/he has chosen for him/herself is ... Dawn.
(will add Autumns character sheet later... unless someone wants to describe her for me! Very Happy Deffinatly up for that happening.) Thanks guys!

Name: Autumn Summers
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hobbies: Works full time, doesn't attend school. Minimum wage job, lives with her parents. Major hobbies are looking for the one true love she knows is out there, and hanging out with her friend Geoffrey when she can.
Relationship to other characters: is "Dawn's" current human interest(or mission) and is Geoffrey's best friend. The Mystery character(s) to later be revealed arch nemesies and possible love-interest/match/worst nightmare(?) must wait and see to find out!!
Appearence/Hair: Naturally black hair, but is dyed randomly and very brightly. Punk-Artsy, laid back style.
Bio: after a harsh break up Autumn ends up stumbling across "Dawn's" path and gets the chosen prospect of being Dawn's next mission. When she realises the possibility of a 'match made in heaven' (or to what she thinks) she is overcome with hope and excitement... but could end up turning into one complex path of only confusion and dissapointment.

Like a Star @ heaven I'd love for you to add CC's, please keep it to a max of 7. I have 3 of my own (which includes Dawn and Autumn.... and a mystery CC for later! Smile )
Will make rules later Suspect

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Re: A Mission for A Misfit Angel

Post by theKP on Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:22 pm

Name: Geoffery Klien
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Hobbies: Playing video games, jamming out on the drums, and sparring with his taijutsu friends.
Relationships to other characters: Friends with Autumn.
Bio: Geoffery has been friends with Autumn for a long time, and met her at the place where they both work. (P.S. He's bisexual as of now...tee hee~)

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